Who am I

Vedran Markulj

Python and SQL expert with extensive Machine Learning, Deep Learning knowledge, and experience.

As a highly motivated and result oriented engineer within the field of Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and Business. I have studied Software Engineering and Operations and Supply Chain Management at Aalborg University. Furthermore, expanded my education with a Machine Learning Engineer degree from Udacity.

My knowledge and experience are mainly focused on Machine Learning and Deep Learning model design and implementation, with extensive use of Python, tensorflow, Keras, sklearn, and various other data science specific Python libraries. Professionally I have designed and implemented models for image- and text processing, and segmentation using unsupervised learning.

Besides working on machine learning projects I have worked on designing and implementing data science pipelines in AWS and Azure, with focus on Continous Integration and Continuous Deployment, using Docker as the containerization technology.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vedranmarkulj